Anna Konkle

Anna Konkle

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1, 2003 (age 14)
Beverly Hills, CA

Anna Konkle About

Co-star and co-creator of the Hulu comedy series  PEN15  who portrayed a younger version of herself named Anna Kone. She was previously best known for playing Tara "TMI" Milly Izikoff in the series  Rosewood .

Anna Konkle Before Fame

She is an alumnus of  New York University

Anna Konkle Trivial Things

She had a four-episode guest-arc in the IFC series Maron.

Anna Konkle Family Life

She moved with her family from Vermont to Scituate, Massachusetts in 1994.

Anna Konkle Associated With

She met fellow PEN15 co-creator  Maya Erskine  while studying abroad at a theater program in Amsterdam.