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Berleezy About

YouTuber known for his self-titled channel. He's become popular for his "EXPOSED" videos, where he makes fun of TV show intros. He has more than 1.3 million subscribers to his channel. He is the founder of #eezygang. 

Berleezy Before Fame

He uploaded his first video in April of 2013. He later graduated from  Cal State Fullerton  in 2017. 

Berleezy Trivial Things

He has a second channel called iBerleezy where he plays video games. He's also known on Snapchat as berlinedmond. 

Berleezy Family Life

His real name is Berlin Edmond. He grew up in California. 

Berleezy Associated With

In June of 2016, he published a video entitled "I DARE YOU," which featured YouTube star Chino Alpha Wolf