Cambrie Littlefield

Cambrie Littlefield

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Cambrie Littlefield About

Pageant coach and former pageant contestant who called her roster of students Cambrie's Court. She was named Miss Utah United States 2011 and became more nationally known for her time on  Toddlers & Tiaras .

Cambrie Littlefield Before Fame

 She became a pageant coach when she was 14.

Cambrie Littlefield Trivial Things

She was a  University of Nevada, Las Vegas  Rebel Girl. She was part of the hair and makeup team for the show Lost in Transition.

Cambrie Littlefield Family Life

Her mom put her in her first pageant when she was just two years old.

Cambrie Littlefield Associated With

She worked on the movie  Bad Grandpa  as a consultant, helping transform  Jackson Nicoll  into a pageant girl.