Chou Tzu-yu

Chou Tzu-yu

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1, 2003 (age 14)
Beverly Hills, CA

Chou Tzu-yu About

Korean pop singer known for being a member of the group  Twice . She joined the group after being part of the reality show Sixteen, which was held to determine who would make up the group. 

Chou Tzu-yu Before Fame

She was discovered while performing in 2012 and moved to South Korea to pursue her career.

Chou Tzu-yu Trivial Things

She drew criticism from mainland China for holding a flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) while appearing on the show My Little Television. Her subsequent apology then drew criticism from Taiwan, which felt she was forced to apologize.

Chou Tzu-yu Family Life

She grew up in Tainan, Taiwan to parents Yen-ling and Yi-cheng.

Chou Tzu-yu Associated With

Twice was created by JYP Entertainment, which was founded by Park Jin-Young .