Emile Boeres

Emile Boeres

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Emile Boeres About

Musical composer, choir director, and organist known best for his Luxembourgish-language operettas and musical comedies.

Emile Boeres Before Fame

He was the founder of the Wiener Operette and composed many operettas and musical comedies before staging his hugely successful 1940 piece "Wann d'Blieder falen" ("When the leaves fall").

Emile Boeres Trivial Things

He was not highly esteemed by the Nazi regime. They suspected that his work had an anti-German subtext.

Emile Boeres Family Life

He was born to a family in Luxembourg City. His death was the result of an unfortunate cycling accident.

Emile Boeres Associated With

He was a contemporary of Ukrainian composer Benno Moiseiwitsch .