Grayson Dolan

Grayson Dolan

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Grayson Dolan About

Enormously popular video content creator on YouTube who gained fame alongside his twin brother Ethan Dolan . The twins have earned more than 5 million subscribers to their channel. In September 2017, he and his brother joined MTV's TRL.

Grayson Dolan Before Fame

He and Ethan first found a web following on Vine. He started making videos for Vine on May 25, 2013 after his sister told him about the app. He amassed over 3.4 million followers to his personal Vine account. 

Grayson Dolan Trivial Things

He wrestles competitively alongside his brother. He won a tournament that took place at Madison Square Garden.

Grayson Dolan Family Life

He is about 20 minutes younger than Ethan. His sister Cameron had her own Vine channel with over 100,000 followers. He previously dated fellow social media star Chloe Alison .

Grayson Dolan Associated With

He collaborated with fellow Viners such as Jack Dail , Jake Paul , and Amanda Cerny .