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IHateEverything About

English YouTuber known for his rants and opinion videos on his channel, which has more than 1.7 million subscribers. His videos often begin with the words "I Hate."

IHateEverything Before Fame

He created his opinionated channel in August of 2013, with some of his earliest videos being titled "I Hate Facebook" and "I Hate Bronies."

IHateEverything Trivial Things

One of his most popular videos, "I Hate Damn Daniel," has earned over 3.5 million views. There is a subreddit dedicated to his channel.

IHateEverything Family Life

He is from a town called Calne in England. His real name is Alex Beltman.

IHateEverything Associated With

He collaborated with  ThatCreepyReading  on a video titled "I HATE CREEPYPASTAS."