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James Watt

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James Watt About

Scientist and entrepreneur who popularized the first steam engines, which had an integral effect on the course of the Industrial Revolution. He also developed the term horsepower as a measurement of power and the SI unit of power is named after him because of it.

James Watt Before Fame

He served as an apprentice to a mathematical instrument maker but quickly outgrew his tutor in knowledge.

James Watt Trivial Things

Because he didn't have enough money to create his steam engines himself, he teamed up with John Roebuck, giving him two-thirds of the patent.

James Watt Family Life

His father was a prominent mathematician and served as the town's treasurer. James was married to his second wife, Ann MacGregor, from 1777 to 1819 and he had a total of four children named Gregory, Margaret, Janet and James Jr.

James Watt Associated With

The British philosopher Aldous Huxley wrote that in inventing the steam engine, he also invented time as we think of it today.