John B Watson

John B Watson

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John B Watson About

Infamous for his "Little Albert" infant behavioral conditioning experiment, Watson is also notable for inventing the psychological sub-field of behaviorism.

John B Watson Before Fame

After earning his bachelor's and master's degrees from Furman University in South Carolina, Watson went on to receive his doctorate in psychology from the University of Chicago.

John B Watson Trivial Things

He had a tumultuous childhood: his mother was religious and strict, and his father suffered from alcoholism and deserted the family when Watson was in his early teens.

John B Watson Family Life

He was forced to give up his teaching position at Johns Hopkins University when his affair with his student Rosalie Rayner was discovered. After divorcing his first wife, Mary Ickes Watson, he married Rayner.

John B Watson Associated With

Watson's early-career work under philosopher and psychologist John Dewey greatly influenced his later behaviorist approach to psychology.