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Date of birth
16, 1992
1, 2003 (age 14)
Beverly Hills, CA

JustDustin About

Best known for his extreme DIY videos, Dustin is known for using massive quantities of everyday objects for experimental purposes or pranks. His "unbreakable wall" series of videos features him using 100 layers of duct tape, 100 layers of aluminum foil, 10 layers of gorilla tape, and more. He has more than 2 million subscribers. 

JustDustin Before Fame

He launched his channel in August of 2016, uploading a first video at that time called "100 Layers of Aluminum Foil (Danger Alert) Metal Wall." 

JustDustin Trivial Things

His video "Insane Duct Tape Room Prank! (200+ Rolls)" was a story featured on the news program CTV Morning Live. 

JustDustin Family Life

His real name is Dustin Wilson. He is from Canada. 

JustDustin Associated With

He is a good friend of Roary Raynor and has collaborated with him, as well as the entire  Team Alboe  group, on YouTube.