Lannan Eacott

Lannan Eacott

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Lannan Eacott About

YouTube gamer known as LazarBeam who initially gained a following for his  Madden  challenge videos. Especially popular are his videos featuring tiny, talentless created players. He also features videos of GTA V with mods, Beam NG, and Happy Wheels. He has more than 1.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

Lannan Eacott Before Fame

He dropped out of high school and worked in a variety of fields, including construction. He also spent time training to be a pilot, but never received his license. He uploaded his first video in February of 2015 and reached 300,000 subscribers in January of 2016. 

Lannan Eacott Trivial Things

He's said that he became a  New England Patriots  fan because he saw Tom Brady in an episode of  Family Guy  growing up. When he went to play Madden years later, Brady was the only player he knew, and thus he picked the Patriots to be his team.  

Lannan Eacott Family Life

His sister Tannar is a photographer and he has two brothers, one of whom, Jarrad , played professional baseball. 

Lannan Eacott Associated With

He and Chris Smoove both gained a substantial fanbase by playing Madden, although LazarBeam has since branched out to a variety of non-sports titles.