Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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Simone Giertz About

Swedish inventor known for her work in robotics innovation. She has documented her work on her eponymous YouTube channel, where she has gained popularity for her comedic demonstrations of her robotic inventions. 

Simone Giertz Before Fame

She dropped out after one year of college, where she was studying physics. She then studied robotics at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as an MMA sports journalist before launching her channel. 

Simone Giertz Trivial Things

She has earned more than 800,000 subscribers to her eponymous YouTube channel. One of her most popular videos there, "The Breakfast Machine," has earned more than 1 million total views.

Simone Giertz Family Life

Her mother, Caroline, has worked as a paranormal researcher on the Swedish TV series Det Okanda.

Simone Giertz Associated With

She began collaborating with Adam Savage in 2016 on the popcorn feeding helmet invention.