Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical

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1, 2003 (age 14)
Beverly Hills, CA

Simply Nailogical About

YouTube content creator and Instagram phenomenon who is best known for her nail art tutorials. Her posts on the networks have resulted in more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Instagram. 

Simply Nailogical Before Fame

She obtained her master's degree in sociology with a concentration in criminology. She was doing nail art in high school before nail art tutorials blew up on YouTube. 

Simply Nailogical Trivial Things

She works as a crime statistics analyst for the Canadian government when she is not making tutorials. She was an actress when she was younger, acting in a Furby and Fib Finder commercials, but she quit when she was 13. 

Simply Nailogical Family Life

Her real name is Cristine Raquel Rotenberg and she was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada alongside her sister Jenny. Her boyfriend Ben Mazowita has made appearances in her videos. 

Simply Nailogical Associated With

When she was 12 years old, she met Mimi Rogers and Gena Rowlands on the set of a movie she did.