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Stove's Kitchen

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Date of birth
11, 1991
1, 2003 (age 14)
Beverly Hills, CA

Stove's Kitchen About

Gamer and challenge video creator notable for his collaborations with  Carter Sharer Lizzy Sharer  and  Ryan Prunty . He has earned more than 320,000 subscribers for his YouTube channel. Some of his top videos were "CARTER DYES MY HAIR BLUE!! (GONE WRONG)" and "FORTNITE IN REAL LIFE CHALLENGE!! (WINS 10,000 VBUCKS)."

Stove's Kitchen Before Fame

He was into shoes and sports in his childhood. He played soccer for his high school team and played on a basketball club team in college. 

Stove's Kitchen Trivial Things

He earned a Bachelor's in Mathematics from  Indiana University  and a Master's in Actuarial Science from  Ball State University .

Stove's Kitchen Family Life

He grew up with one younger brother.

Stove's Kitchen Associated With

He is also affiliated with  Stephen Sharer  and  Grace Sharer .